Overset Text


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    1.  I would tell the user there are to many characters in the frame, I didn't know this stood for overset text until increasing the frame size and realizing I just fit all the text that was overset.

    2.  I agree the text should disappear as long a message appears letting users know (To much text in this frame not everything is displaying).

    3.  I think you should keep accepting the text even if it is overset, again with the message in place letting the user know they will have to adjust the frame size or remove some of the text.

    4.  This is a cool idea, but I think showing a message saying "to much text" while displaying all the text even when it's to much for the frame could be confusing. If the text that is overset got shadowed or highlighted when it was being shown to the user I think this would be okay! Just as long as they can distinguish what text is overset and what isn't

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